Hi Jon,

It occurs to me that you might not always get the benefit of hearing how your patients are doing down the road, and I wanted to write you to let you know that I’ve been doing very well since we last spoke. In particular, I feel that I’ve benefited tremendously from our work this year, and I find myself reflecting on learnings from our sessions daily. I am so much more able to identify and understand my feelings, and it has improved my emotional resilience and my relationships with my family, my friends, and (perhaps most importantly) myself.

Really liked Jonathan. Welcoming. Easy to talk to, good listener, insightful feedback.

Jonathan has a wonderful combination of empathy, intelligence, and education. He is a great listener and puts his energy into his sessions. I sometimes wonder at his ability to stay focused during my stream of consciousness monologues. Highly recommended.

Dr. Detrixhe has been an immense help in dealing with every issue we’ve discussed. Self, family, relationships, career, almost every sensitive issue that was adding stress or anxiety to my day to day or my whole life was carefully dissected, analyzed and (re)contextualized to yield relief or at the very least an understanding of myself. He keeps in check my own concerns about the balances of the mental, physical, pharmacological, and the metaphysical components of my life: 6 out of 5 stars.

I’ve been seeing Jon for over two years now. He’s the guy that had the studio above Roebling Tea Room, he’s the guy that knows the local joints and understands what it is like to be ok but question and want something more. Jon is kind, intelligent, insightful and real. He has an open mindedness and a soft guidance that shows empathy but also empowers you.

Jon is someone you can speak only to in earnest, someone you can look to for a higher understanding of yourself and how you fit into and live in a world that is real. One that defies others, helping you find a peaceful version of day to day life that encompasses your values and your true self, one that is not idealized by society, expected by others… a life that is yours. He gets it.

Jon is a beacon of light but he also accepts and understands the dark. I’m just someone who needed a person to talk to through a hard time…and week after week he listens and helps me open another layer and see the simple things more clearly. Jon breaks down the mystique of therapist and patient and speaks to you as a fellow human, in between the throes of the hustle, flawed and complicated just trying to live. His plants and Greenpoint haven are rad too. You will always feel a little bit better after talking to Jon. That’s all you can ask for.

In short, Jon is the best therapist I’ve ever seen. I had never consistently gone to therapy before we started working together. Now it’s a regular thing that continues to change my life for the better. I never write reviews, this person deserves it.

I worked with Jon once per week for a full year, from February 2019 to February 2020. It was a subtle yet momentous reorientation which I needed more than I had ever thought. The way that I see myself is so much broader than it was one year ago. I listen to myself with more compassion. I am more open to the ideas and energies of others.

I am, generally, less afraid than I was before. I still experience sparks of anxiety, but I am so much better at keeping them from growing into fires. This kind of work, I learned, is something that can only come about if one is open to everything which arises inside oneself. “I moisten the roots of all that has grown,” says Whitman… I brought that quote in to share with Jon late in my year with him. It’s exactly what he helped me do.

Jon balances professionalism and friendliness expertly upon the fulcrum of care. I really felt, each week, that he was there to help me help myself.

I can’t possibly describe my experience with Jon without reducing it to a series of clichés; language isn’t enough, which alone should say something about how he surpassed all my expectations regarding therapy and its possibilities. I didn’t know that anyone could understand, let alone appreciate, the way I experience reality until I met Jon.

Problems I thought were too massive to gain perspective on have now come into full view. He’s likely to grok your most obscure references, cultural and intellectual, or appreciate your crudest jokes. He has this cool office in a building filled with artists and other therapists in a trendy part of Greenpoint; if you’re struggling with how to phrase your thoughts a cursory glance at his book shelves or the art on his walls will usually provide inspiration.

I’m saying only the most basic things here lest this become too specific, but he deserves 100% more reviews that express appreciation of what he does: he’ll help you be okay with yourself, even when you feel less than zero.

Dr. Detrixhe is the real deal. He listens and then immediately comes up with a variety of treatment options. He leans toward utilizing psychodynamic approaches to treatment, but is also comfortable using more practical/concrete techniques when warranted. He meets you where you’re at and discusses a plan forward. He is active and engaged in treatment. Importantly, he is enthusiastic about YOU. And in the end, this is about YOU. He is funny, friendly, and insightful. I can’t recommend him enough.

I am a 23-year old artist. Jon and I are working through sexual traumas, my relationship to my father, traumatic family dynamics, compulsive behaviors, self doubt, self hatred, self-consciousness and self-searching. Jon has been one of the best psychological experiences I’ve ever had. His intense intelligence, nuanced empathy and appreciation for abstraction and contradiction are profound and revelatory. I can’t recommend his practice enough.

Highly recommend Dr. Detrixhe, he’s been a huge help to me over the course of the last year.

Since seeing Jon I’ve been a lot more stable in my everyday life and in my relationships… I truly look forward to seeing him each week and when I am going through something emotional it keeps me grounded knowing I can talk through it with him in just a few days. I’d highly recommend!

I’d seen several therapists in New York City before my roommate at the time helped me find Jon through suggesting that I seek out a professional with an MFA. I have been seeing Jon regularly now for almost three years and cannot imagine where I’d be without him. He is patient, incredibly warm and understanding, and willing to change his mind – the same can’t be said for the other professionals I have seen in the city. Impossible to recommend him enough to anyone with an interest in philosophy and the arts who is suffering from anxiety and/or depression. He truly believes in his patients’ ability to reach their full, individual potential.

Dr. D is a really great therapist. He has all of the experience you would want a therapist to have, possesses great levels of empathy, and most importantly is deeply caring. If you’re interested in starting therapy, I’d highly recommend a consultation.